Testimony from Donna

It was mid-August, on a Monday morning, I woke up and felt the Lord tell me immediately to put on the armor of God. Within an hour, I had a bad fall down the stairs in my home. I remember going down the steps, but I don’t remember falling. The first thing I remember after the fall is sitting on the bottom step, talking to my son in law, as my husband prepared to take me to the hospital. I had a black eye and a disfigured hand. On my arrival I was quickly taken to a room and seen by many health care specialists- orthopedic, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, ENT, and ophthalmology. After several CT scans, the first major concern was bleeding on my brain. I was sent back for one more CT scan before the surgery the doctors felt like I needed.

We prayed before I went for the scan that the brain bleed would be gone and many, many others were praying too. On returning to our little emergency room, we were told I would not need brain surgery, the scan revealed that the brain bleed was gone. Praise God, I know he touched me and healed from from the brain bleed. I still had a right broken wrist, five broken fractures in my right optical bone, other closed head fractures, and a concussion. I was in and out of sleep as my husband, David, and the doctors and nurses took care of me all day, monitoring my vitals, setting my broken wrist, checking my eyesight, my headache, my pain level and I am sure much more. That night I slept in a double room which was part of the ER with my son watching over me all night.

The next morning, I had surgery on my right wrist, which included plate and four screws. The surgery went well. I started a new medication Wednesday morning for a constant headache which helped. I was healing from the head trauma, and Wednesday afternoon I went home. The first few days I rested and slept and healed.

My black eye was completely gone in nine days and I was released from all the specialist except for orthopedics within the first two weeks. My wrist continues to be my biggest challenge. It is my dominant hand. Many normal activities are challenging, and each new day brings a little more healing.

I know the Lord healed me and touched all the broken places, just as he has healed so much brokenness in my life through Christ. I am not the same because of the fall. Pray for strength, and continued healing and use of my hand. Pray also for clarity and direction and leading of the spirit for both David and I as we lead ECR. Pray for a mighty move of God in our hearts, in our churches, and in our world.