Serving Our Brothers & Sisters

Our Work

ECR supports men and women who are reaching the least of these for the gospel. We partner with leaders working in communities with churches, children, college students, and families. Our goal is to help provide resources and support to those who are ministering to those in need.

Our activities include:

  • Unreached People Group Outreach
  • Children’s Ministry
  • College Scholarships
  • Humanitarian Aid to Rural Areas
  • Sports Ministry
  • Church Planting
  • Evangelism

The Churches of the Unreached

Many churches are found along dirt paths, reached only by foot or motor bikes. Churches can be found floating on a lake, while others are in homes that began with just one family. Some churches have been there for decades, and some just a year or less.

New church plants often begin when a member of the family becomes a Christian. ECR, works through churches who are reaching those who have never heard the gospel message.

ECR encourages and assists local churches to meet needs and to serve others.

Scholarships to College Students

ECR has been active in this program for more than 25 years and to date, over 150 students have graduated from university — some as medical doctors, and others receiving degrees in business, nursing and engineering. This financial assistance is applied directly to their tuition and fees, enabling them to pursue degree programs in local universities.

The ECR sponsored scholarships are intended to enhance the academic lives of deserving students, thereby helping the community through the education of needy and high potential students. Each student is expected to exhibit good moral character and citizenship. Each student must have a degree from high school and must be enrolled in a degree granting institution. Students must have financial need and contribute some money toward their education; that can be in the from of housing, food, books or other fees from the university. By receiving a scholarship they have met leaders who have shared the gospel message, and many have come to believe the gospel message.

“We would like to thank God and thank you for your support to poor students. With ECR’s support, many poor students in our hometown could continue their education. Also, we have had opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many have accepted Christ.”

School Children and Families

The goal of ECR has always been to help people in need, share with them the hope of the gospel and bring them into the church. Over the years, many people, many schools, and many villages have come to our local leaders to ask if ECR can help them. With their assistance, ECR has dispatched medical teams that have treated as many as 900 persons each year. ECR has also been able to meet the needs of many in the community, providing school supplies, bicycles for elementary students, and food supplies for families in dire need. This has also included construction repair of a home and a local church.

“When we go to visit and comfort others, it provides us the opportunity to share the gospel.”

Supporting Ministry Workers

Through partial monthly support, ECR supports those on the ground. The main emphasis of each of these ministries is to further the gospel in unreached areas. Our work is conducted through ongoing relationship with workers that administrate these projects to those in need and demonstrate Christ’s love for those receiving this assistance.

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